I recently watched an interview with Wim Wenders and a number of his photographs were featured. I was so impressed that I ordered his book (on the way now) and went out with a camera (Nikon F80, I think) to try and make some similar photos. My attempts don’t match his results, but I did learn a new way of looking at the world around me. And that was worth the cost of film, developing, and printing.

7 thoughts on “Yongbong Petrol Station

  1. I read that article some time ago. \”Photography is dead.\” I don't think it's dead, but it's certainly buried under billions of mobile phone pictures. I feel like I've trult finished a photograph once it's been printed and hung on a wall or put in my portfolio box.Thank you for the comment on the photo. I'm very happy with the bus version. I have a new version of the second photo that will show up here in a couple of weeks.


  2. Just noticed, Marcus – when I click on the second photo I get a bigger version, mice&clear. When I click on the first version nothing happens. Also (and apologies if you already know this) on Blogger it pays to remove the auto scale-down on images. If you click on the HTML tab top left when editing a page, find the URL for the image, delete the /s400 or /s320 immediately before the image name at the end of that long string. Your images will load at higher resolution.


  3. I noticed the problem with the first photo when I first did the post. I erased the photo and posted again, but the problem persisted. I don't know the problem.I didn't know about auto scale-down. Thank you for the information. I'll do that when I write another post.


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