Bus stop in front of the Kyobo Life Insurance Building, Gangneung

Photo of Gangneung city bus made from window of McDonalds early in the morning.Hamburger buns had just been delivered and the crates were sitting in front of the restaurant.

I made these photos soon after returning from Canada, where I made myself sick of digital photography. I had nearly one thousand photos to edit when I got back to Korea, not counting the ones I deleted in camera while photographing. Not much fun. Also, I brought my D810 and a 24-85mm lens to Canada, which was quite heavy and bulky. Soon after arriving in Canada I regretted my equipment choice. So, on this cloudy day in Gangneung, I left my apartment with an F80 and 28mm lens. You can see the second photo is not quite level, a combination of using a 28mm lens and me not having my head screwed on quite straight.
   When I got this film processed, I also ordered basic scans which were not that great. It also adds a few thousand Won on to the price of developing. Yesterday I had prints made of my favourite photos from the roll on Epson Eco White Matte paper that look fabulous. So I got my Canon Lide 120 scanner out of the cupboard and clicked ‘Photo Scan’. The scanner does all the work and the scans are more than good enough for posting online or making 4×6 prints to share with pen pals, etc. Happy days.

3 thoughts on “Buses

  1. I’m largely a one-lens at a time photographer. I rarely leave the house with a bag full of gear and a 28mm lens is a good choice for street work – although you gotta get close like you have here.


  2. I am thinking about getting a 50mm equivalent lens for my X-T3. The excellent kit lens covers the 28-85mm range (equivalent), but I'm happiest and, I think, most creative when I just have a normal lens on the camera. And I get an aperture ring as well . . . .


  3. The 50mm is a good choice, too, Marcus. I only have one zoom lens – an old Vivitar Series 1, 28-80, for the Nikon FM3a. It’s big & I rarely use it! Certainly for street photography speed is of the essence and have the option to zoom in or out is just an unnecessary distraction. Arthur Fellig (WeeGee) had it right – f/8 and be there. I like lenses with focus tabs – they make prefocussing simple without even looking at the lens or through the viewfinder. If I was using an old lens of questionable monetary value I would seriously consider glueing on a home-made focus tab if it didn’t already have one.


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