6 thoughts on “Geumsan Village Charity Clothes Box

  1. Thanks very much. I swing by here in bicycle now and then to photograph this box. I made another version of this photo a few weeks ago and it should show up on this blog next month. (It takes me a long time to edit, print, edit again, and then share the results.


  2. Strong and brutal composition! I really like it. My workflow is a lot easier than yours then. Develop film, dry and scan a few frames in quite low quality, have a very quick look at them on the computer and having a limit of around half a minute to do any editing. If more than one minute is required, no posting if it's not a very very interesting picture. They never are anyway, so I'm trying to stay within a minute. I really hate editing and computer work, I should add…


  3. I've changed my editing since posting this photo. I now make the photo, wait a month before looking at it again, then delete it if it's still not interesting. I might make a few small adjustments to raw files if I want more contrast or something, but otherwise I leave it alone. Film takes a little bit more work, depending on the scan I get back from the lab. I recently cancelled my subscription to Lightroom and now just use free software from the camera companies for editing and Faststone Photo Viewer for selecting. And also Adobe Bridge (free) for adding titles and descriptions.


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