I don’t want to share photos on this website too soon after I’ve made them. Photos that look great on the day I make them later turn out to be mediocre or have mistakes I didn’t notice before. That’s why I spend a week adding stars to a batch of photos until some have (or haven’t) gotten from three to five stars. A three star photo is something that has personal or documentary interest and a five star photo is one that I would like to have on my wall. A four star photo is one that didn’t make the ‘leap to greatness’ from three to five.
   At the end of the month I bring my five star photos to a local lab to have them printed on 8×10 paper. I then put them on the wall over my desk so I can look at them all the time. I leave them there for a month so that I can choose the really good ones. Once the month’s photos have gone through this editing process, I send the digital files or film to a lab in Seoul to get printed on matte paper. Then they get placed in an archival photo box.
   That’s when I would ideally start sharing the month’s photos here, so that people only get to see what I think are my best photos. I say ‘ideally’, because sometimes I get excited about a photo and want to share right away. Also, this system of editing is rather new and I’ve already shared a lot of September’s photos on this site. Even though I shouldn’t be sharing September’s photos until the beginning of November. So, I’m going back through my photo folders to find photos that I haven’t shared here or on my previous website before. Not easy.
   Therefore, I’m going to share a number of photos from my childhood. When I visited my parents last summer I scanned a lot of photos from my parents’ albums so I could have those memories in my home as well. Here’s the first one . . . .

This is Christmas morning, possibly 1975 or 1976. I think I was likely five years old because this looks like the basement apartment we lived in when I was in kindergarten. I don’t remember owning the Flintstones’ Penny Aarcade but I remember my father’s stereo in the background. It was a good one he bought in Labrador and it had good sound. My father had some K-Tel albums and I had a couple of albums with children’s songs. “Big Rock Candy Mountain” was on one of my albums. I think I also had a Sesame Street album with a song on it called “Everyone Makes Mistakes.” I still remember some of the lyrics! “If everyone makes mistakes, then why can’t you? Your sister and your brother and your dad and mother, too. Big people! Small people! Matter of fact, ALL people! If everyone in the whole wide world makes mistakes then why can’t you?” Maybe I remember the lyrics because I keep screwing things up and need some consolation . . . .

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