I’m not sure how appropriate that title is, but what you’re getting today are new and better versions of photos I’ve already posted here. (New stuff next week)

The first version of this photo was done on film and the right edge of the petrol station was cut off. I passed by there some time later and tried again with a digital camera. I would like to go a bit wider for this photograph, but there are too many distracting things to either side of the frame. Diesel pumps, fuel trucks, cars, and so on. I prefer this simple composition.

It’s the fighting cats again! Out of a number of photos, I finally decided that this was the best one. The composition is good and they are punching each other in the face at the same time. Will they never learn that fighting just hurts everybody? 🙂

After Thought

 Too often I go out with a camera and no destination in mind. That’s not a bad thing, but it means that I leave the apartment without focus. This leads to wasted film or time wasted in front of the computer deleting photos. I had the idea that I should wander and record Gangneung for posterity, so that in twenty or thirty years people can remember what it was like in the past. But, after thinking about it, I don’t think that’s something I want to do with photography except incidentally. And maybe it’s already being done by the thousands of people who take photos on their mobile phones every day. Though, that said, future generations might think the past was nothing more than ‘sparrow-faces’, coffees, and lunches. Anyway, I’m not very good at documentary photography so I will stick to the kind of narrow-view photography that I do best. A gate instead of a whole house, the front of a bus approaching a bush instead of a bus driving through downtown, a charity box against a background of concrete instead of a charity box dwarfed by an expressway. Also, I’ve decided that when I leave the house with a camera, I should have a goal in mind. “Today I’m going to visit the Confucian school on the hill and photograph the tree outside the gate.” Once I finish photographing the tree I can and should wander around looking for different things in the area. But I think that having a specific goal will help my photography. Naturally, I will carry a camera everywhere I go (That’s why I recently bought the light Fujifilm X-T3) because I never know when something interesting will happen or when I’ll notice something new on an old walk.

4 thoughts on “Same Wine, New Bottles

  1. Going with a goal in mind is always helpful isn't it – I am the same, aimless wandering often doesn't achieve much.I like you photos though so keep them coming!A new camera? You kept that quiet . . . hope you are enjoying it.Google still won't let me publish comments as me, hence Anonymous!Phil


  2. Thanks for the comments. It's encouraging. I haven't really mentioned the new camera because I figure what I used to make the photo is not that important. Also, I haven't posted any photos made with that camera yet. In a couple of weeks, maybe? I have a post scheduled where I talk about trying to make the very complex digital camera into a simple camera like my Zeiss Ikon rangefinder. I'm almost there!


  3. Nice post Marcus. I’m in agreement about the whole documentary thing – if it happens incidentally then all well and good, but it’s not something I’ll ever set out to do on purpose. I really like your ‘narrow-view’ thing and might shamelessly adopt it (subconsciously of course 🤭) for my own ends. As for specific goals – I think it helps. Not that I’m any good at it, mind, but sometimes you need a plan, even a rough&fluid one.Enjoy the new camera. I like the idea of going back to basics – Zeiss made some good gear back in the day. I’m looking forward to your post.


  4. Thanks for the comments, Michael. Please shamelessly adopt the narrow-view. I'm sure I've ripped it off from somewhere else. :)Zeiss has recently announced a new digital camera with minimal controls. Tempting, but it has a fixed 35mm lens. I prefer 50mm or the APS-C equivalent.


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