While I was wandering through the maze of alleys in downtown Gangneung, I noticed an elderly gentleman park his bicycle and go into his house. As I approached the bicycle I noticed this broom stuck into the grating of his house’s window. I say ‘window’, but the glass has been covered with plastic or something. I didn’t go into his yard to make this photo, as you might think. Korean alleys are often formed by garden walls or house walls. Thus, many windows have bars or are covered over to protect privacy. I had to use a wide angle lens to make this photo because the alley is so narrow. I squat down a bit with my back pressed up against the opposite wall to get this framing. Suffering for art . . . .

6 thoughts on “Bicycle and Broom

  1. Yeah this is good and quirky Marcus – nice composition – if that were over here, both bike and broom would be nicked!P


  2. Thanks for the comment. This is my second reply because Blogger ate my first reply. I don't remember what I wrote the first time. I guess it wasn't that profound if I can't remember it . . . .


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