Most cameras and mobile phone applications have a sepia setting for photographs. It often looks overdone. The Nikon D810 allows adjustment to the effect from ‘just a touch’ to ‘just discovered the sepia setting’. For these photos from Obong Confucian School, I turned on Sepia but kept it to the lowest setting. You can decide for yourself if sepia always sucks on digital or not.

I don’t know what is supposed to be on this pedestal. Perhaps something is placed there during ancestral rites. Maybe this is where dunces had to stand hundreds of years ago . . . .
The outside wall and corner of a stele. I like the design of this photo, but I’m not sure if I’ve said anything to the viewer with it. Other than, “Marcus knows how to set up a tripod and use a level.”

4 thoughts on “Obong Confucian School in Sepia

  1. You can't beat a well levelled photo Marcus – to me it makes photographs of ordinary things look more than the sum of their parts – I have to say that's a really pleasing roof, and absolutely spot on. As for the shadow – it works in delineating the structure of the pedestal which you've only shown that great patch of lichen of. Strong composition!And what a great name of a school – what or who 0r where was/is Obfong?P


  2. Thanks for the comments. Very encouraging! Korean traditional walls are capped with the same tiles used in roofs. This is a wall surrounding the school buildings. 'Obong' means 'Five Peaks' and there are five hill peaks if you stand back and look.


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