On Saturdays I share photos that made it to a five star rating after weeks of editing. (By ‘editing’, I mean selection, not computer manipulation). I have lots of three and four star photos on my computer and in my binders that I haven’t shared here because they have some fault. But sometimes they tell a story that might be worth sharing. So, on Wednesdays, I’m going to start sharing photos that I think might be interesting for some reason. Here’s the first:

 I was walking out of the Son Rock park in Jumunjin when I came across these women having a picnic of raw fish and lettuce on some rocks. That’s not extraordinary at the seaside, but I noticed this cat poke its head out of a crack in the rocks to have a look.

 The cat crawled out of the crack and headed for the women, who told it to bugger off a number of times.

Cats are stubborn, so it sat on a nearby rock and slowly moved closer when it thought they weren’t looking. This woman finally gave in and threw the cat a few bits of fish. The cat looks well fed for a stray, so no doubt it’s made a career of getting kind-hearted tourists to feed it.

So why didn’t I give these photos five stars? The first photo originally had five stars, but I didn’t share or print it because I thought the cat was too small in the frame. Especially when viewed on a website or mobile phone. What made the photo good was that one woman had chopsticks to her mouth and the lettuce was visible in another woman’s hand. Too bad there was no fish on the lettuce, though. The cat looks great coming down the rock in the second photo, but now the chopsticks and lettuce are not in a good position. It’s not so clear what they are doing. The third photo is good, but the piece of fish could be mistaken for a light patch on the rocks. The woman looks like she might be just pointing at something. Also, the third woman’s face is not visible, which annoys me a bit. Anyway, I think they are fine photos for telling the story of this hungry cat and its success.

4 thoughts on “Three Star Photos: Hungry Cat

  1. I agree with HS – they work well together. An interesting story – it’s like going back in time compared to the UK. As a family we enjoy our picnics (we’ve been known to be sitting having our sandwiches in the snow in a local beauty spot on St Patrick’s Day) but I see fewer people having picnics outside year-on-year. People still go out for walks and fresh air but then it’s back home, or to McDonalds Drive-Thru for something to eat.And look at those rocks! All those folds and what-have-you…very different to rocks where I live.


  2. These rocks are also quite unusual in Korea, which is why they are a tourist attraction. I'd like to go there on a weekday when there are no crowds and do some abstract photos. I can get there using a local bus and a short walk, so it's a possible project for this winter.


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