These two photos don’t have much in common except that they are both somewhat related to water. The first photo is a painting of a fish on a wall that looks very out of place near a tree. The bridge in the second photo goes over water. That’s it.

Some of the alleys in the village of Anmok have been painted with scenes from the sea. It makes a nice change from the usual miserable grey breeze blocks and concrete. The Nikon D810 did a nice job with the colours, but it doesn’t have the Fujifilm magic. I think I made this photo the day before I received my X-T3.

I stood at the end of this pedestrian bridge and waited for interesting people to come to me. I’m not sure how interesting these people are, but they are all well-placed within the frame. I wonder why that child is crying. I made this photo with the X-T3 perhaps the day after I got it, and I was very excited to have a camera that does square format. But I do miss the 5:4 format of the D810 . . . . No pleasing some people . . . .

4 thoughts on “Out of Water

  1. The Fuji's viewfinder is cropped when you choose 1:1 or 16:9 frame. Very useful. Unfortunately, it only shows the crop when you choose JPG, not RAW. But this inconvenience can be solved by selecting RAW + JPG in the menu.


  2. Another great composition, Marcus. That arc formed by the top of the bridge looks really great inside the frame and towards the sky. The people made a nice touch, but in my world the photo would work very well even without them. Great job done for sure!


  3. Thanks Roy. I think there might be a people-less version of this photo somewhere in my computer, but it probably wasn't made on this busy day.Last month I made some photos of this bridge in Portra 400 film. The cheap scans look okay, so I selected three to print. The film is going off to the lab on Monday for printing on good paper. I'll scan the prints and then share on the blog. If I'm still happy with them . . . .


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