Is a photo of a tomb suitable for the last post of the year? Too pessimistic? It wasn’t intentional, actually. This just happened to be the last photo I had for sharing from the month of October. Happy New Year.

I see this tomb when I take the long way to university over the hills. The hills here are full of graves and tombs. I don’t know how one goes about getting a burial spot on a hill. Do you have to buy the whole hill? Then how are there public walking paths? Could I just buy a small plot if I wanted to? Could I buy a small plot and then dig a hobbit hole into the hill? I’m not sure I’d want to dig much on a hill with graves, though.

2 thoughts on “Grave

  1. Wow – weird. Strange how there are recognised walking paths through the burial ground. Perhaps the custom is to integrate the dead with the living, unlike here where we separate our lost ones into cemeteries that no one goes to unless for a specific reason.


  2. Hard to say. Koreans only visit graves once a year to cut the grass and then do ancestral rites. Maybe the government says you can't block access to areas of nature, even if they are privately owned? No idea.


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