When I first saw this vinyl and cloth building and truck, I thought I had come across an abandoned farm. But I heard chickens clucking inside. I didn’t go in or near the entrance because it’s private property, but from the edge of the road I could see lines of chickens inside. If this farmer can’t be bothered to take care of his truck and hen house, I wonder if he cares much about the animals inside.

3 thoughts on “Three Star Photos: Chicken Farm

  1. I like shots like this, but I fear you are right about the hens&lack of care. Mind you, as far as I can see, to most chicken farmers hens are a means to an end and while the farmers might have regulations to adhere to the welfare of their hens is not foremost in their minds. The farm down the road to us is a chicken farm, by the way – my mother calls it A Concentration Camp.


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