The space between the hills behind my apartment complex seems too small to be called a valley, but I don’t know what else to name it. Anyway, It’s a lovely place to take a walk and, when the light is cooperating, to make some photographs.

This panorama was made from my living room window. I had to cut out quite a bit from the bottom because there’s a parking lot and an unattractive field. This would be nicer with some figures in it, but I wasn’t lucky enough to catch anyone taking a walk on this lovely morning.

My camera does 16:9 photos natively, but I cropped to about 2:1 in computer to get the framing I wanted when I was making the photograph.

I photographed this tree with the Velvia film simulation, but it was over-saturated for my taste. I prefer this version using the Classic Chrome simulation.

Off the main road is a walking trail that very few people use. I’ve never seen anyone on it besides myself, but it must get the odd hiker. Off that small trail is a little clearing with a few trees. This is my favourite tree in the whole valley. This would be a fine place to build a little shed with a stove and a cot in it.

I made a black and white version of the photo while the camera was still on the tripod. This is Fuji’s Across simulation. I can’t decide which version of the photo I like more. I’m leaning slightly towards the black and white version, but it seems to depend on my mood.

4 thoughts on “Trees in Rock Island Valley

  1. They're really lovely Marcus – the first one needs no figures – it is really hard to capture the atmosphere of a place, but you've easily done it – was that just cropped with no manipulation? it is really superb – not often I get stopped by a landscape, but that has. I think it is the balance of the solid light of the tree mixed with the haze rising from the river – really beautiful.I like the others too actually, and you know, the Acros simulation is pretty spot on, though I think I prefer the colour version of it – very natural colour indeed.Good stuff – you're putting me to shame – tis incredible gloomy over here in Scotland!P


  2. Thanks very much for the compliments. I cropped and then did a bit of dodging and burning on each end. I'm too lazy/untalented to do much else with digital manipulation.I wish it were gloomier here. It's sunny every day and I never feel very active during the golden hours.


  3. The valley picture is really Nice, in a way it reminds me of the picture of that little beaver pond you took and cropped years ago. It made an ordinary scene look completely different. As you know it still hangs on the dining room wall. Keep up the good work.


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