This is the wetlands park in Northern Gangneung, and in the distance you can see the latest megalithic hotel to rise up along the beach. It’s a sort of poor man’s Marina Bay Sands. And an eyesore.
I like the lines of the foreground and the placement of the hotel in the background, but the three trees on the left are confused with a layer of trees farther back. Maybe this would look better in spring when the trees have all their leaves.

4 thoughts on “Three Star Photos: Wetlands Park and Skybay Gyeongpo Beach Hotel

  1. I've tried having the hotel behind trees but I didn't like the results. I'll try this again in spring when the leaves will (hopefully) separate the trees from the background. Municipal works? Ha, I never thought of that.


  2. That’s a couple of shots recently Marcus that feature hotels…they look like they’re the first (perhaps of many) in these areas. Interesting times. Nice composition in this one – very good.


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