Next Saturday I have some photos of tombs to share, but this week I’m posting three photos that are unrelated but worth showing others.

This is part of a jazz club’s steel door entrance. The owner must know a metal worker. I don’t usually like making photos of someone else’s art, but this circle and the two interior bars fascinate me. It was a dark alley so I had to set the X-T3 to ISO 3200 to get a decent shutter speed. This looks great on the Acros film simulation.

Another digital Acros photo. ISO 800 this time. This is some kind of outside cellar at a traditional Korean house. Maybe people put their gimchi pots in here during winters? It’s empty now, so I let the inside just go to black for a more abstract look. It’s a fairly recent addition, as I don’t remember it being around when I first started visiting this house many years ago.

I’m rather proud of this come-by-chance photo. The framing and micro-composition are near about perfect. The woman’s face half-reflected in the motorcycle’s side mirror, the arrows pointing across the road, the little strip of black at top of frame to show the width of the road, and I didn’t chop her foot off! Many older motorcyclists are very timid about driving on the road so they choose to use the sidewalks! I wonder how much of this scene I actually saw when I made the photograph. I certainly saw the arrows, the helmet and the important space between it and the frame, her reflected face, and her foot. did I see the kerb on the other side of the road that helps balance the composition? Did I know I was cutting off just the right amount of her face in the mirror? Did I consciously cut off an appropriate amount of the cargo box? Maybe not, but perhaps careful study of many well-framed and micro-composed photos by the masters (Sam Abell!) and practise in unhurried situations helped me to unconsciously line everything up when I just had a few seconds to make this photo.

Until next time, watch out for motorbikes coming for you on the pedestrian paths!

8 thoughts on “Unconnected

  1. There's an old saying here\” if you don't like my driving, stay off the sidewalks ' I guess it applies in Korea, lol. Pictures are very good as usual.


  2. Nice. I read a quote recently from one of the ‘greats’ (but can’t remember who!)…something along the lines of ‘The longer I think about a photograph before taking it, the worse it turns out’. Sorry that’s a poor paraphrasing but hopefully the message stays strong – Shoot! Don’t think! 🙂


  3. You should either just stay home or buy the biggest vehicle you can afford to stay safe. I'm saving up for a Leopard 2 tank. Do you think the government will sell me an old one for cheap?


  4. There's a fair amount of happenstance in that last photo Marcus – if it were me I'd have hesitated too long ';0)My favourite though is the first one – you're right – there's something about it.P


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