Graves are scattered across the mountains here and many of them are close to walking trails. There usually aren’t many people on the trails, which means I can make photos in peace and quiet. Although I don’t believe in an afterlife or ghosts, I often give a small bow before I start making photos.

I don’t think the stones in this last photo form a tomb, but it has that look about it. More than likely it’s just a pile of rocks. But how did they get there? There are no paths a truck could get up. And why were they piled up like this? Very curious, indeed.

4 thoughts on “Graves

  1. The third shot has me intrigued. Those vertical things are headstones, or similar?I maybe asked you before, Marcus, but do you feel safe wandering about these quiet places on your own? Is SK generally a safe country would you say?


  2. They aren't headstones because there are no bodies underneath. They are memorial stones of some sort, but I don't know what because the inscriptions are in classical Chinese and not Korean. Classical Chinese is(was) to Korea what Classical Latin is(was) to the West.Korea is a safe country to walk around in, generally. I rarely feel worried about anyone trying to mug me. I mostly worry about the very unsafe driving that goes on here. That's a daily concern.


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