The marquee sign on the restaurant is advertising spicy chicken stew.
November, 2018. Kodak Ultramax 400 

6 thoughts on “Three Star Photos: Dog tied up at a chicken restaurant

  1. Are those skis? For snow? The contrast between the general look of the place and the digital sign is nice. Albeit it a rather old digital sign. I’m not sure I’d want to try the spicy chicken stew, though…


  2. Those are skis. I didn't notice them before. Gangneung is not too far from ski country, which is why the Olympics were here. Maybe the owners are avid skiers.Spicy chicken stew is delicious, if the cook doesn't go overboard with the chillis. I'm not sure I'd eat it here, though.


  3. I agree with Mr Sheephouse. I get the impression many of these buildings will disappear in the not too distant future. They’re great to see – warts & all. Beats concrete &glass&immaclately kept gardens any day.


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