Come to the dark side
Self Portrait
Back into the light
All photos November 2018. Kodak Ultramax 400

4 thoughts on “Walls of Seongsan Town

  1. That's a nice little sequence there Marcus – it's strangely difficult to get concrete exposed properly but you've done it.What's the significance of the red and white stripes?P


  2. I think the red and white stripes mark a walking path, but I can't be certain. There's never anyone around to ask.I added quite a bit of contrast in Lightroom to the first and third photos because it was a rather dull scene. If I remember correctly, the second photo is more or less what I got back from the lab. I think these photos were made in the Nikon F80, which has a very good meter, like all Nikon cameras.


  3. Thanks very much. I haven't been that way in a while. I think I'll jump on my bicycle and go have a look later today. It's bright and sunny, but maybe I can find some interesting shadows.


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