Ladder Truck (sans truck). Kodak Portra 400

As I walked out one morning I saw a ladder truck with its ladder and platform extended to an upper floor of one of the buildings in my complex. Koreans call it a ladder truck, but I don’t know what it might be called (or if it exists!) in North America or Europe. The platform goes up and down the ladder to move boxes, appliances, beds, and so on. It’s set up so that the platform is right next to the doors of a moving truck and things can be easily moved. There are warning signs on the ladder truck saying that people are not allowed on the platform. Sound advice.
   I like the framing of this photo and the happy coincidence of some clouds surrounding the platform to emphasise the height. There is a big spot in the sky. Dirty lens? Not sure. There’s a lot of grain in this photo and it isn’t very sharp. Bad scan? Bad film? Bad lens? Anyway, that’s why it’s a three star photo and not in my portfolio. Though maybe I’ll get it printed to see how it turns out. What looks like heavy grain in a scan is often almost invisible in a good print.

10 thoughts on “Three Star Photos: Apartment Moving

  1. Nice picture. I'd be interested in seeing what kind of truck is supporting all this weight. I'd also be standing a very safe distance from the truck ( old work habits are hard to break,even after 14 years of retirement ).


  2. The size of the truck depends on the size of the ladder. I'll try to get a photo later to show you. The trucks have four legs that extend from the side of the truck to stabilise it. I avoid walking close to them because safety here is not what it should be.


  3. I’ve never seen anything like this…cool shot. I think in the UK everything goes through the inside of buildings, not like here. I’d be staying well clear of that – a heavy load on a ladder this tall would need to be well balanced.


  4. Weird thing that Mr. McNeill didn't know this is called a \”Cherry Picker\” in his part of the world 🙂 We use them a lot for different work when we're alongside some quayside wherever in the world we are. Scary things to find yourself in, at least if it's a bit windy…


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