Here are my last good photos of 2018. And here’s hoping for good and better photos in 2019.

I was so impressed by the film Roma that I set my camera to the cinematic 16:9 ratio and black and white. This photo of Amice surveying his domain came out rather well, I think.

I ditched cinematic mode, but I like how the back yard of this house looks in black and white.

Gingko nuts and ginseng on sale in Gangneung’s Central Market. It would be nice if the shopkeeper wiped down the basket and tag now and then . . . .

I have so many photos of this bus stop in front of the Kyobo Insurance Building because I spend quite a bit of time waiting for buses there. Twenty minutes until the next bus? May as well use up some memory or waste some film . . . .

In the future I think I will post photos as I edit and develop them, rather than scheduling for every Wednesday and Saturday. I probably won’t post more than once or twice a week, anyway. Especially not this month, because January was quite awful, photographically. But there’s always February!

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Last Photos of 2018

  1. Amice looks like he thinks he should have been an extra in it . . better than all those crapping dogs!I like the bus stop – good colours.That amount of Gingko and Ginseng over here would buy you a small house . . .


  2. Ah, I remember the crapping dogs. Quite awful.The 6 year old ginseng is the expensive stuff. I don't know how old the roots in the photo are. Is gingko expensive over there? Well, I suppose it's not cheap here, either. The trees are beautiful in autumn. They have yellow, fan-shaped leaves. Some streets here are lined with them.


  3. I like the first shot – and the format. I’ve been paying more attention to format size/ratio recently. If I shoot 35mm I try to keep the same aspect ratio in the darkroom prints, same for 6×6. It doesn’t always work – very occasionally I end up cropping to some other arbitrary ratio. 16:9 looks good!And SKorean wheelbarrows have two wheels, eh? Well, the one in shot #2 does – if I’m seeing correctly. And they’re not designed to change direction easily, from what I can see. (Ours have one, btw).


  4. I like being able to choose format on the fly with digital cameras. My Nikon D810 had 5:4 format, which is my favourite. I wish my Fujifilm digital had it . . . .All the Korean wheelbarrows I've seen have two wheels. I guess it's easier to push around, but less convenient when dumping gravel or concrete or drunk friends, etc. I think they all have two wheels in Canada.


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