I’m very timid about photographing people, and you will notice that almost all the people in these photos are back on to me. The exception is the man on the bicycle, and I had the nerve to photograph him because he was passing by. In fact, I set up the scene and waited for someone interesting to complete the composition. “Compose and wait” is a lesson I learned from Sam Abell.

Gangneung Central Market. Fujifilm Provia 100F. (probably) Nikon F6

This is the photo I mentioned above. It was made at the entrance to poorly-lit Central Market where slide film dare not go. I composed and waited and was lucky enough to get this man coming out of the market on his bicycle just as the young women were entering.

Crosswalk, Downtown Gangneung. Fujifilm Provia 100F. (probably) Nikon F6

This was another Compose and Wait situation. I think the light changed two or three times before this lady showed up with her bicycle and placed herself most considerately between the two arrows. Also, the people on the other side of the street are to one side of her, so it doesn’t look like there are people growing out of the cyclist’s head.

Wolhwa Park, Downtown Gangneung. Fujifilm Velvia 50, (probably) Nikon F6

It looks like the HomePlus building is the promised land for these two figures. The photo would be better without the lightpole head on the right, but at least it’s not sticking into the woman’s side.
  All my cameras are empty of film now except for the Nikon F6, so in the future I won’t have to guess at what camera I used.

Men Walking in Dyke. Fujifilm X-T3

No guessing about the camera here because it’s digital. I made a few photos of the Leaning Lightpole of Gangneung but thought it needed something. So I composed and waited for these two friends to walk into the frame. Click.

5 thoughts on “People You Meet

  1. Thanks. I think colour would have been a distraction in this photo. And the two men are necessary. I have the same, or almost the same, photo that I made before the men showed up and it's not nearly as interesting.


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