After doing some exposure tests at home, I took my Nikon F6 to a couple of historical sites here in Gangneung. I was happy with my exposure tests but only a few photos from the roll are worth sharing. Here they are.

These buildings are at the Seongyojang Residence. The name means Boat Bridge Place and there was a ferry there when Gyeongpo Lake was larger. Back in the Joseon Dynasty, this was the largest residence allowed by law. Only the royals could have houses larger than 99 kan. One kan is the space between two pillars in a Korean building. If I remember correctly, this residence had 99. The family was once very large and prosperous, but now they take advantage of government tax breaks by living in one little walled-off corner and opening up the rest to tourists. At a high price. I used to go there quite often, but stopped when the price of admission nearly doubled a few years ago.

This tree and boulder are at Obong Confucian School, which I’ve shown photos of before. The tree is a bit too close to the edge of the frame, but there is a tourist sign to the right that I didn’t want to include. I like how the film renders the mute colours. I’m sure this photo can be improved, but it will take some more trips and head scratching before I get it right. And another overcast day. It’s bloody sunny all the time this winter.

This is a better view of the tree and boulder, and perhaps the composition I’m looking for.

This is the view from the front gate of the school. I only meant it as a kind of photo-note of the area, but I quite like it. One for the portfolio.

More film photos to come in the days ahead!

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