Last month I got some Foma 400 back from the lab. There weren’t many usable photos on the rolls. Partly because of my poor skills and partly because the film quality can be dodgy at times. The edges are lighter than the rest of the frame or there are slight spots here and there. It’s not the lab and it’s not the camera because other films turn out fine. Here are a few of the photos worth posting here.

This scene is on the way to my university, on the short-cut over the hill. I’d like to make this photo again with my X-T3, perhaps in square format.

No, I didn’t buy a new panorama camera and turn it on its side. This is obviously heavily cropped because there was nothing of interest to the left and right of this plant.

Some businesses will buy a shipping container and have windows installed so they can use them as offices. This one was painted yellow (not so obvious here 🙂 ), though most places just leave them depressingly grey.

I liked the strong shadows here so I made a photo. LPG is how many homes get their cooking fuel. The tanks are usually kept out behind the house. Many have rust spots. They are delivered by madmen in pickup trucks.

I wish I had used Tri-X instead of Foma, but I was trying to find ways to cut down on film costs. A mistake . . . .

6 thoughts on “Foma 400

  1. Marcus – been there and done that – Foma in 120 is great, or was, but other formats, nah. Tri-X or TMX 400 or HP5. Also I would say you should try developing yourself at home – labs aren't set up for sensitive processing of B&W and just tend to treat it like a bomb-proof colour film . . it isn't.This being said . . I like the last one!


  2. Thanks for the comments. The lab does a great job with other films. I've read that Foma film can vary from batch to batch. Maybe I got a bad batch. I used to do black and white myself at home, but I don't use enough film now to make it worthwhile.


  3. From what I read on the forums Foma can be tricky to get good results from. Most folk who like it seem to develop their own using Rodinal/RO9. Diluted at 1:50 it’s as cheap as it comes! Tri-X is mad ££ in the UK, HP5+ more affordable especially if you bulk buy and self-load. Nice shots. I like the light in the first&last ones.


  4. Tri-X is a little cheaper than Portra and Foma is about 40% cheaper than Tri-X. The Acros simulation on my X-T3 costs nothing now that the camera is paid for . . . . But apples and oranges of course.


  5. Have you tried Foma 100? That one is a bit of a different story in my experience. And also Foma 400 in 120 format is actually a good film. Don't write it totally off your list of useable films. I think Tri-X is something like three times the price of Foma up here these days, but then again Tri-X is really flying off price wise. I just got a 30 meters roll of 400 ASA ORWO film I have not tested yet. Looking forward to try that one as well


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