Anmok Harbour Breakwater

Restaurants will deliver almost anywhere, including a harbour breakwater. People fishing from the breakwater often order Chinese food if they haven’t brought food of their own. Sometimes they eat on the breakwater and sometimes they have the food lowered down to the water’s edge.
   The gate says, “Do Not Enter”, but is always ignored. Maybe it’s there to protect the city from lawsuits. Whenever there is a big storm, some ‘brave’ soul will go out on the breakwater to watch the waves and get swept out to sea.

4 thoughts on “Zoom Zoom

  1. Great shot, great story Marcus.People here are often not respectful enough of the sea. Every year there are a few fatalities-people fishing off the rocks or swimming etc. Bad weather is a big attraction for some.


  2. Mention it the next time you're in a kebab shop. There used to be adverts for a mobile company where a person would order noodles in the most extreme locations, showing what good coverage the company had. One ad had the delivery guy skydiving down to an aeroplane in flight and shouting, \”Did someone here order noodles?!?!?!?\”


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