A month ago I took a bicycle trip to an area of Gangneung where there was once a large temple. Gulsan Temple was founded in 847 C.E. but it’s not known when it closed down. Today there are just a few pagodas and other artefacts scattered about the area. Most of the former temple land is now farmland. On this day I photographed a couple of farm houses and didn’t bother with the artefacts because I’ve photographed them in the past. Also, I was mostly in the area for the sake of exercise, not photography.

The first house of interest I came across was abandoned. I hope it’s abandoned because it’s so run down, but sometimes you find old people out in the country living in some bad places.

This house isn’t abandoned and is, at the least, occupied by the crackie that came out to warn me off.

He was able to stop me from getting any closer, but he was powerless against my zoom lens. Take that, ya little bugger.

I like the framing of these photographs but there is altogether too much brown here. I should go back in the warmer months when the hills and fields are full of leaf and seedling. With a long lens to thwart the dog . . . .

6 thoughts on “Farm Houses

  1. Yep – I like the browns too – looks remarkably like Scotland, apart from the buildings.Were you not tempted to go in and explore the first one?P


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