I used my last few rolls of Kodak E100 for photos of Gangneung’s streets. The results were not brilliant, but that’s my fault because I spent too much time pressing the shutter button and not enough time thinking about the scene. There were a few photos worth sharing, though.

It looks like two universes are meeting here.

A steamed bun shop at the edge of Central Market, where there is just about enough light to make a photo on film.

Heads not included.

Radish drying in front of a restaurant. As I was making this photo, the owner came out to see what I was doing. I thought she was going to tell me to piss off, but she was quite friendly. She asked where I was from and said that she uses the dried radish to make side dishes. Nice to meet you and off I went.

I had to wait a while for someone to pass by.

If I can, I try to buy something from a street vendor before making a photo. It softens them up for a photo opportunity, I guess. I asked for three of these fish-shaped buns and then stepped back to make a photo of him filling the paper bag. But he saw what I was doing and struck a pose. I like the result. And the buns were good, too. I ate them on a nearby park bench.

This is the entrance to a school for learning traditional etiquette, They also teach Korean language, Korean studies, Chinese characters and literature, and all the things that a cultured person might have learnt in the past. The doors are very short, but maybe there is another entrance around the corner.

I made a photo of this same clothes collection box in the past, but this one is a bit better.

I like this photo, but it doesn’t look that good on the film. It took a lot of messing around with sliders and colour adjustments to get the phone box to actually look red. Actually, this morning I went to this street and made the photo again with a digital camera. It’ll show up here next month sometime . . . .

The back side of a restaurant.

This is the window of a hotel that seems to have gone out of business a long time ago. This one also required a lot of fixing in computer, so I think I’ll make a trip to see if I can do it again properly. I doubt those drying shoots will be there, though, so perhaps this is an unreproducible scene.

 If I remember correctly, this is the entrance to a restaurant.

Poster for a hiking equipment store going-out-of-business sale.

I got some good photographs from those rolls of E100 film, but there were an unacceptable number of failures. I really need to practise my technical skills and not rely on the camera so much. This is where digital is very useful, even though I like the look of film.

2 thoughts on “Downtown On E100 Film

  1. You're being hard on yourself – therer's some good photos on there – favourite is Mr V!It is hard metering for colour film though, and of course you've no idea how well it is going to be processed and printed – all these variables.


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