The person who owns this bicycle is a regular visitor to this countryside seniors’ centre. The bicycle is often parked out front next to the entrance.
   I made this photo with Foma’s black and white slide film. The film is cheap, but processing costs three times what regular black and white does. Also, the photos came out a bit flat. Lightroom saves the day with the ‘punch’ preset. The film was fun to try, but I won’t be buying it again.

4 thoughts on “Bicycle

  1. It's an intriguing pic.As for B&W, honest, you really would be cheaper in the longrun, buying a reasonable film scanner, a paterson tank and your own chemicals and doing it yourself. It is EASY. Gosh you can even load film in a darkened room with the curtains shut at night – if you can't see your hands, the film should usually be fine – have done this a number of times. even a changing bag will do the trick!P


  2. I developed my own when I was using only black and white film, but I hardly use enough now to make it worth while.Fujifilm says it's raising prices on its film by 30% in April. I wonder if Kodak will follow. This is probably the end of the film game for me. Though I've said that before . . . .


  3. Yes, Ilford is reasonably priced here and the quality is good. Tri-X is also readily available and a classic film.I didn't realise Fuji were more expensive, but that is true, isn't it? Fuji's negative film is up in the slide film price range.I was wishing the other day I could get a film with the fine grain of Portra but the brilliant colours of Ultramax. There is Ektar, but that's an ISO 100 film and I can never get the colours to come out properly. Ultramax and Portra seem idiot(me)-proof.


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