The second of three photos from the Foma black and white slide film that were interesting enough to share. This dog’s name is Baduki, and he gets his name from the black spots on his coat that are similar to the stones used in the game Baduk. Baduk is more commonly known as Go to speakers of English. Baduki is a friendly boy and was very excited when I learned his name and called him by it for the first time. I see him often when I walk to school.
   Baduki is one of the lucky dogs in the neighbourhood. He is usually allowed to roam around and even when he’s tied up he’s attached to a long piece of rope that stretches from one end of the garden to the other. This allows him to run around and get some exercise. Most dogs in the neighbourhood are kept on very short leashes and rarely or never taken for walks. One neighbour has a black great dane that’s kept in a cage in front of his house. I’ve seen him out with a walk with it once, so perhaps he takes care of it well. I hope so.

2 thoughts on “Baduki

  1. Lots of apartment dwellers take their little cute dogs out for walks along trails, but many dogs are used as nothing more than alarms for detached houses. Some look mean when you pass by, but many wag their tails and bark because they are bored and lonely. I'd like to go say hello, but I don't want to trespass.


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