I took a walk through a village near my apartment complex to see if I could find some interesting rural scenes to photograph. It was the first time I visited the village, and it turned out to be rather unpicturesque. There were very few buildings you might call traditional, and lots of equipment was just lying around higgedly-piggedly. I made thirty or so photos, but nothing stood out.
   That was a month ago. I went through that folder in Lightroom a couple of days ago and was about to delete everything but this photo caught my eye. It needed a little trimming and straightening, but the result is not bad. I went through the folder one more time to see if there were any other uncut gems, but no luck. Everything except this got erased. Does anyone else think the grass needs to be darkened?
   The original file is in RAF format from the X-T3. Fujifilm’s Acros simulation is good, so I did basic developing in the Fujifilm X Raw Studio software. What’s interesting about that program is that you have to have your camera connected the computer to use it. That’s sounds inconvenient (it is, slightly), but the raw files are converted to jpg using the camera’s excellent software. Why not just use jpg in the first place, you ask. Well, I always try to ensure I have the correct exposure when I make the photo, but sometimes I want to change the white balance, increase saturation, or adjust hightlights and shadows when I’m preparing photos for posting or printing. That’s better done using a raw file and I get to use the same menus that are in the camera. Trimming and straightening were done in Lightroom.

4 thoughts on “Corner of a Farm House

  1. The grass is fine – it's tonally better (in my opinion) to have it looking slightly straw like rather than mid-grey!Looks just like Scotland . . .


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