Gangneung, Gangmun. Sotdae Bridge. 2019

I stood under a boardwalk with a 200mm lens on my camera for quite a while waiting for the scene to come together the way I wanted. This was the last photo I made because I was tired of waiting around, the people were placed where I wanted them, and someone wearing a bit of colour came by.

4 thoughts on “Sotdae Bridge, Gangmun

  1. How long was quite a while – I don't think I've ever waited for a photo! Did you have a flask and shooting stick too?The red makes it though . . P


  2. Okay, just 10 or 15 minutes. No great hardship. Depending on my enthusiasm for the scene, 10 minutes or so is about my maximum waiting time. I sometimes bring a thermos of tea when I'm out and about. No special ingredients . . . .


  3. Nice lines in this one Marcus and the people add a certain something. Where I live I could be waiting forever to get a person in the right place – as one Asian visitor remarked on visiting, ‘Where are all the people?’


  4. Oh, to be in a place where that question gets asked . . . . 🙂 Actually, it wasn't too crowded on that day because it was a Wednesday and not a weekend.Thanks for the comments.


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