Gangneung, Gujeong. Cattle in Pen. 2019

I came across this scene whilst cycling through the countryside in the southern part of Gangneung. Unlike most Korean cattle, who spend their lives in little sheds attached to farm houses, these cattle have a bit of space to walk around and enjoy the weather.
   A bit of research tells me that this native breed of cattle was used mostly for ploughing until the 1960s when the country became indistrialised. It doesn’t give much milk so it is primarily raised now for beef. It’s main diet is rice straw though I suppose farmers must feed it something else as well to obtain the highly marbled meat that you find in grocery stores. It’s very expensive as well. I usually buy Australian beef because it’s readily available here and much cheaper than the local meat.

4 thoughts on “Cattle in Pen

  1. Cattle farming is an interesting thing -they don't look much different to the cows we have over here. We don't get marbled meat though and ours are usually grass and pellet fed. Did you know that if you feed cattle seaweed in their mix, it reduces the methane output? Something to consider for the hotter future that's coming.P


  2. I didn't know that about seaweed. I wonder if farmers do it here. There's certainly enough seaweed around.Koreans like thin slices of marbled or fatty meat because they usually cook it quickly on a grill. That's great for me, because the cuts like loin and shoulder (especially pork) are very cheap. A few hours in the oven and they melt in your mouth. Yum. With potatoes and gravy. Yum yum.


  3. Isn't it odd that imported meat from Australia is cheaper than home-produced. In our supermarkets we have produce from all over the world – grapes from India, South Africa, you name it. I try to buy local if I can. In any case, a lot of the imported fruit we have is so chilled there is no flavour to it at all.Nice shot, by the way. But where's the grass?! Here in Ireland all our beef cattle are grass fed. I don't eat meat but most people do and they love their meat and potatoes too, Marcus!


  4. There is little to no pasture land here in Korea, so the cattle eat rice straw or cattle feed. Whatever is in cattle feed. Maize? Also, farmers try to get as much money as they can for their beef by producing highly marbled meat, which is desirable here and expensive. I prefer low-and-slow cooking for meat, so I can get away with chuck, etc. Anyway, I prefer pork and chicken to beef.


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