All three of these photos came from a roll of Provia 100F film in a Contax N1 camera. I really liked that camera and its Carl Zeiss lens, but the spot meter died, the zoom lens that came with it was slow (but made lovely colours), and it was introduced in 2001, just in time to be killed by digital like its beautiful bigger brother the Contax 645. There were very few lenses for it as well. I gave the camera to a friend who doesn’t mind not having a spot meter.

Gangneung, Anmok. Beach Repair. 2015

 Anmok Beach was nearly wiped out by some bad storms so the city made a new beach that wouldn’t get washed away. In the background is the marina building.

Gangneung. Manhole and Hard Hat. 2015

 Where’s the head that’s supposed to be in this hat?

Gangneung. Fire Escape. 2015

One of my favourite photos. I have an 8×12 blu-tacked to my office wall. This building is gone now. The new brownish-black aluminium building that went up in its place looks clean, but it’s not photogenic at all.

I love Zeiss lenses. I wonder if it’s worth getting some for my X-T3. The Fuji lenses are fine so I think I’ll save my money. Zeiss glass t’aint cheap.

2 thoughts on “My Back Pages – Contax N1

  1. Thanks Michael. It's possible he went on a break or he just found the hat to be in his way while down in the hole. It's less common these days, but I used to see guys flying down the road on scooters with their helmets stored in the front basket. In case of accident, you know . . . .


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