Still nothing new to share. I am up to (down to?) 2015 in my photo organisation project and finding a few decent photos that I can post here until I have some good new photos to show.

Gangneung, City Centre. Motorcycle on Sidewalk. 2015

I remember I made this photo with the Zeiss Ikon, but I don’t remember the film. I could look it up, but . . . can’t be arsed. It looks like Portra to me. Many Korean motorcycles have 125cc engines because you don’t need a license to drive them.

Gangneung. Daewoo Prince. 2015

Across from the house where I used to live was a small hill full of small trees and weeds. People would park tight up against it out of consideration for drivers trying to get down the narrow road. There were cars parked on the other side of the road as well. Drivers look after their own, but ‘screw pedestrians’ is their battle cry. I often had to walk in the road trying to get to my house. I don’t remember the camera, but I think this was Portra 800 film.

Gangneung. Riverside Tennis Courts. 2015

I think I’ve already posted one like this with a scooter or something in it. Or did I dream that?

Gangneung. Riverside Tennis Courts and Cyclist. 2015

Here is the same location, but this time I used the Hipstamatic application on my iPhone 4. It was a bit difficult to get photos like this with the iPhone because there was often a delay between touching the shutter button on the screen and the photo being made. And sometimes if I didn’t touch the button correctly I wouldn’t get a photo at all.

Gangneung. Stairs. 2015

This photo was made with a Contax 645 and some Ilford film.

Gangneung. 2015

As was this one.

Gangneung, Gyeongpo Wetlands Park. 2015
Contax 645 again. I miss that camera, but lugging it around was a real pain once I sold my truck.
I hope you enjoyed these. More to come! (he threatened)

4 thoughts on “More From the Archive

  1. Very good, Marcus – keep them coming. I like the Hipstamatic one – you caught the cyclist perfectly. And of course it's always good to see some real photographs as well πŸ˜‰ The Contax looks like a beast all right and still commands a heck of a pricetag – presumably for those Zeiss lenses.


  2. Thanks Michael. I used Hipstagram for a couple of years and did an exhibition of tradtional Korean scenes with photos from it. I liked the idea of the old mixed with the modern. Those photos should be going up on Flickr soon.The Contax was one of those cameras that had nothing to improve. The lenses, the ergonomics, the build quality, the functions, and so on. The Nikon FM3a I had was like that (why did I sell it!?!!) as well as my Zeiss Ikon ZM rangefinder. My Nikon F6 is another camera I can't complain about. And, I wouls say, the Nikon D810 is another perfect camera. It has lots of menus like all digital cameras, but once you set it up you can just use it like the F6. My X-T3 is a very good camera but doesn't quite reach the simplicity and ease of use of the others.


  3. Thanks, Roy. The stairs photo is one of my favourites. I tried to make the same photo again later with a 35mm camera but couldn't get the same result. Actually, I think it was colour film (digital?) and it didn't compare at all to the black and white film.


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