Around the ides of March I made a trip to Anmok Harbour. It’s an easy place to visit as the bicycle path follows the river from my apartment to the harbour and almost all city buses end up at the bus depot there. There is a danger of going there too often and becoming bored of it, but I usually manage to see something in a way I haven’t before. I used my lightweight and convenient X-T3 camera for the day’s photos. The film simulation was set to Classic Chrome, as usual.

Gangneung, Anmok Beach. Covered Swing Bench. 2019

The only difference between my photo of this swing and ten thousand tourist photos of this swing is that I don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend sitting in it doing the V sign and a cutesy pose. This is an unoriginal view of the swing, but I rather like it anyway.

Gangneung, Anmok Beach. Do Not Approach. 2019

I don’t know if this lifeguard tower is roped off because it’s broken and/or tilted, or if because the city doesn’t want Instagrammers climbing all over it, falling off, and then suing the council. The small sign on the right says, “Do Not Approach”.

Gangneung, Bamboo Island. Military Watchtower Turned Zipline Anchor. 2019

This is an illegal photograph. Signs on the tower and just below the tower say that you may not enter or make photographs of the tower. You may not even have the tower in the background of your photos. Which seems like an unreasonable demand considering it’s right in the centre of a tourist area and a zipline company has a starting point installed on the top. The rules are obviously not enforced, because a police car passed me as I was making this photo.

Gangneung, Anmok Harbour. Fishing Boats and Marina. 2019

I made this photo from the top of one of two harbour breakwaters. There are some nice lines in this photo, and the two boats and the marina make a triangle. This was originally called Anmok Harbour but had the name officially changed to Gangneung Harbour. Everyone calls it Anmok Harbour.

Gangneung, Anmok Harbour. White Lighthouse. 2019

At the end of the breakwater is a white lighthouse. I tried a dozen different angles and focal lengths, but this was the only decent photograph I came away with. I like the colour and the contrast, but the lighthouse sits too thickly in the corner of the photo. I’m going to keep it, but I don’t think it will get printed.

The sun was bright and the golden hour was long gone, but I think the direct light worked well for these photographs. Unlike landscapes where subtlety is important, these photos benefitted from strong contrast to emphasis lines and shapes. And anyway, I can never get up in time for a sunrise . . . .

5 thoughts on “Anmok

  1. Thanks. I find the second one a little funny. Possibly because the sign on the tower reads \”Water Safty\”. I've seen lifeguard towers lying in their sides on the beach, but maybe that's what they do with them when the swimming season is over.The light is really strong, and it was just ten in the morning or something. It'll be absolutely murder in a couple of months.


  2. A nice set of shots, Marcus – the light does look rather good in these. The lighthouse is well framed; the sky is perfect – not too much cloud to detract from the building but enough so that it's not boring blue sky. And the lifeguard tower tells a story ;)I must take some shots of our lifeguard stations here…they're very well equipped these days, enclosed lookout huts, surf boards, even jet-skis pulled by quad-bikes/ATVs…Baywatch Stuff lol.


  3. Thanks, Michael. Sounds like you have quite the setup in Norway. In the summer the city sets up tents where lifeguards can relax between shifts. A number of my students have been lifeguards for their summer jobs.


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