I only have a few photos from the last two months of 2015. Two from a hillside neighbourhood in the town of Juminjin and three from downtown Gangneung.

The neighbourhood in Jumunjin is built on a very steep slope indeed, and the area is full of walls like this. It’s almost like a fortress. This photo was made on Provia 100F slide film, which performed quite well on this bright and sunny day.

This was scanned too brightly. This wall and cart are gone now. One of my favourite photographs and I have a print that looks good.

A bridge that used to carry train tracks over the Namdae River. The tracks are gone now, but the bridge has been turned into part of a park and you can walk across it. 

This mannequin was gone the last time I passed this seamstress shop. 

Fish drying on the Underwater Bridge that crosses Namdae River. It’s a pedestrian bridge (except for the scooter drivers who fly back and forth across it. Where are the police?) and it’s called the Underwater Bridge because it’s lower than the dyke walls and gets submerged in times of flooding. 

 That’s it for 2015. See you in 2014!

3 thoughts on “From the Archive: The Rest of 2015

  1. Nice shots. I love the B&W ones best, of course – the bridge shot is really good, Marcus. And that mannequin! Her facial features are totally unlike any I’ve seem before. I wonder where she lives now…


  2. Thanks. The bridge photo was made using a Contax 645 . . . I'm pretty sure. I don't remember what film. The other black and white photos are from the Fujifilm X-Pro1.The mannequin is quite unusual, isn't she? Perhaps some Pygmalion carried her off.


  3. I just had a look. The bridge photo is from the Contax 645 and it's ilford FP4+ film. Good stuff. I've got a roll of it in 35mm sitting in my shelf waiting for my motivation to return.


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