Market Lady

Gangneung, Central Market. Hanbok Shop and Shopless Market Lady. 2016

There are shops in Central Market, but also many vendors who just have an official place on the pavement where they sell shoots and vegetables. It can’t be an easy life.
Another one from the archive.

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Gangneung, Dano Festival. Woman Riding Bicycle Past Tents. 2016

March was a bad month for photography. The weather was either no good or I felt too tired because the new semester had begun. I have little worth sharing, so I thought I would dip into my archive and share some photos from the past.
   Early one morning I walked through the Dano Festival area by the river. The festival doesn’t really start until ten o’clock or so, and there are few people and most of the tents are closed. I walked through hoping to see something interesting and was not disappointed when I saw this woman coming down the lane on her bicycle. I framed the scene and waited for her to enter. Click. Hours of fun with a camera.


Gangneung, Gujeong. Frankenshed. 2019

This is an extreme example of the general untidiness and neglect you will find in the countryside. On the other hand, I suppose it is a good use of materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. And it gives me something to point my camera at.