I haven’t been doing much photography lately, but I’ve been organising my archive and uploading to Flickr. Today I reached the 300 photo mark. I plan on paying for Flickr if I ever reaceh their 1000 photo limit, but I don’t think that’s likely.


6 thoughts on “300 on Flickr

  1. I've found some interesting photographers using Flickr. Mostly by checking the albums of people who comment on photographers I already follow.I mainly have a Flickr account so that I can easily show people who ask, \”What kind of photography do you do?\”


  2. I’m 100% sure I commented on this some time late yesterday…? Well, I’ll go again then ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve been using flickr for some years now, but I seem to use it more or less just as frequently as updating my blog at times. On and off is pretty fair to say.
    I sort of like it though. At least it’s a place where you can find a couple of answers to things you were thinking about… as in how different film works in different developers and so on. It’s handy at times, and a huge time consumer the next day. Anyway, I hope it stays in business for some time yet. At least until something better arrives on the scene.


    1. ‘300’ is a much lower number now because I restarted my photography. All photos made up to about December of 2019 have been archived and deleted from Flickr. Not from my website, though. I find it very difficult to find good photos on Flickr. The computer that chooses photos for Explore seems to have a fascination with trains, bird, and shiny colours. But, as you say, it can be useful for searching for specific things.


      1. The only photos I have had on Explore were far from my best ones, I tell you that much. Over-edited stuff will obviously be prefered over good ones all day long, so no reason to think too much about trivial stuff like that.
        Yes I realized you had shrinked your amount of photos on flickr. I went inside and checked as it happen ๐Ÿ™‚ What is there is great though!


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