2 thoughts on “Morning in Rock Island Valley

  1. The selfie is great…would you do that when others are in the elevator?! Maybe best not, but if you could shoot one silently it might be fun. Not sure I could get away with it – even the Leica, although whisper quiet, would be too loud for a small environment like this. The Hasselblad would be like a small bomb going off. But i think these new-fangled digi snappers have a stealth mode, do they not… 😉


  2. The selfie is definitely a solo activity.The elevator ride would be long over before I could set up the electronic shutter on my X-T3. And I'm not sure the D810 has a completely electronic shutter. And mobile phones by law have to make a sound when you make a photo. That's true in Korea and Japan. It's to prevent the pervos from doing upskirts and so on.


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