The other day I posted some photos from Rock Island Valley, including this one of a field and trees.

It is straight from the D810 with no adjustments at all. When I made the photo I used the Vivid Picture Control because it was overcast and I wanted to add some contrast and saturated colour to the scene. I liked the photo so much that I made it my Windows desktop background.
  I still like the photo after looking at it for several days, but this afternoon I wondered what it would look like using the more natural Neutral Picture Control. So I opened the photo in Capture NX-D and switched the Picture Control to Neutral. I added a little bit of contrast because the Neutral setting is quite flat.

What do you think? I think both are good versions of the scene, but the neutral version feels more relaxed. The Vivid version shows a scene where you might not be surprised to run into a unicorn, but the Neutral version invites me in to read a book and have a picnic.
   The next time I take a walk up the valley, I’m going to try this scene without the broken pot and plates. It’s interesting, but I think I’ll go for ‘lovely forest glade’.

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