A cheap and fun way to practise yer mad foto skilz is to use the Hipstagram application for iPhone. You can set up the application to allow raw files and post-processing, but I prefer to do it iron-man style. You got the photo or you didn’t.
I was out with a film camera today, but also made a few phone photos in the morning while at home and then a few while out riding bicycle. Hours of fun.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The company that made Hipstamatic also produced a cinema version where you can make films of up to 15 seconds or something. Also fun.

Donghae Expressway Overpass
Donghae Expressway Overpass. The warning sign has completely faded away except for the word Warning.
Donghae Expressway Overpass

The film version of this photo is wider and includes a city bus passing in the background. If it turns out . . . .

Ripe Grain

I shared these on Instagram and Facebook as I made them. Thus the title of this post.
Film off to the lab tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Hipstagrammit, Dammit!

  1. Sure, I’ve got the very same app installed on my phone, quite handily stored in a folder called photography. It’s sitting right there in between The Massice Dev. Chart and some light meter or something like that.
    I even use it sometimes… but most of the time not, as you know.
    There’s some really cool effects in there though, and the square format of the thing is a real bonus. Oh, and the full metal case, of course… :))


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