I can’t make this photo again because while I was still in bed this morning my wife rearranged the plants and removed a shelf.

I can’t make this same photo again for several reasons. One, the light changes every day and the time I arrive at school every day is slightly different. Two, the Hipstamatic application applies its filter differently every time you use it, and Three, unless you arrive at the right time, there’s always some surly-looking smoker there with a fag hanging out of his mouth.

“What’s up with using Hipstamic these days?” asks the 0-1 readers of this blog. Well, every day is either murderously hot, bone-shakingly windy, or both at the same time. I don’t want to waste film on throwaway photos like the above or carry around a camera in the heat, so the iPhone satisfies the urge to be making pictures. Maybe I’ll get a nice overcast day this weekend with a temperature less than 30 and no wind.

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Make the Same Photo Twice

  1. Obviously I don’t know how hot (well ok, 30+ is on the hot side of hot, for sure) or how windy it gets in S Korea st this time of year Marcus but when I think “conditions aren’t right” here in Ireland I remember the work of Robert Adams. Cloudless Colorado skies, flat plains and yet he took fantastic photographs.But your Histagrams (?!) are just fine in the meantime. More than fine, if I’m honest 😉


  2. They look great, Marcus! I really love the no.2 with that nice little splash of blue in the upper right corner. And no, making the same photo twice is pretty much impossible for sure. As for temperatures and wind and rain I don't care too much to be honest, but that's always a personal preference for sure. And no, we don't get +30 deg. up here too often, but at work it happens quite often these days.


  3. I wouldn't mind the heat so much if it wasn't so humid. It really draws the sweat out. And then that drips all over the camera equipment. Bad state of affairs. At least I don't have classes so the students don't have to put up with a water-logged northern person.


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