It’s over thirty degrees again today in Gangneung. I’d like to go out and make some black and white photographs on the HP5+ I recently bought, but the light is harsh and it’s hot. I can do something about the harsh light by incorporating shadows into my compositions, but there’s nothing I can do about feeling miserable. Here is the state of the light a bit earlier today:

It’s craparoni, the Korean summer treat. 

So, I messed around a bit with the X-T3 inside where there is air conditioning. And a cat!

He was shouting at my wife, though I don’t remember about what.

I hope my mother doesn’t look at this blog post, because I had Pepsi and biscuits for lunch. It might be time to buy extra milk and cereal for those hot days, though I’m not sure breakfast cereal is any better for you than biscuits. Except it’s more socially acceptable to eat for meals . . . .
Ceiling lights. I was just testing exposure and contrast settings, but I like how this turned out.
I got some film back from the lab the other day and I was very unhappy with the results. The photos weren’t very good partly because of my incompetence when pressing the shutter release button, partly because labs here always scan ‘very far to the right’, and partly because I’m not great at processing those scans to get good results. The black and white scans turned out very well, though. It might be a good idea to use film for black and white and stick to digital for colour. And no more raw files from digital cameras. What a pain in the arse that is. You need special software, etc etc. It’s either going to be right straight out of the camera or it gets deleted. All of the above photos were done using manual exposure and I didn’t do anything to them in the computer. 
End of complaints. Enjoy the weekend wherever you are, and I hope it’s not hot.

3 thoughts on “It’s Friggin’ Hot

  1. Ooooh, really love the ceiling lamp shot! Some good thoughts there about B&W and colour and what to do when and with what and so on… And I have really enjoyed my weekend, thank you very much! :))


  2. Thanks, Roy. Sometimes you spend a long time trying to photograph a subject and it comes to nothing. Sometimes you just point the camera at the ceiling and get something you like enough to print.


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