In Westeros (Game of Thrones), “Winter is coming” fills the hearts of people with dread. In Korea, “Summer us coming” puts fear into the minds and pores of everyone. Summer is coming, and yesterday was bloody hot. But this morning the air was relatively cool and the sky was overcast. I had no classes so I grabbed a tripod and a camera and headed off to the Heo Estate.
   I’ve been there a hundred times, but I still manage to see it a little bit differently every time I go. And every camera I use gives it a slightly different look. Today I brought the Fujifilm X-T3 with 18-55 zoom lens. That’s about 28-85 on a 35mm camera, so it covers all the focal lengths I normally use. I chose the Heo Estate today knowing I can always get at least one or two good photos because I am familiar with the location. And because it wouldn’t be that difficult for me to find a good composition, I could concentrate on exposure. In fact, my goal today was to produce photos that wouldn’t need anything done to them later in the computer. Except for one or two minor ‘errors’ made when rushing, all the photos I made can be printed as is.

Hapyeong Fields

I made this almost as soon as I got off the bus. I saw the bicycle next to the field and a few moments after I made a photo the owner came by and rode away. I was panning when I made this photo and if you see a large version of this photo you might notice that the upper right corner reveals a little bit of some greenhouses. I thought about trimming it out, but it’s such a small sliver that I just left it.

Statue of Heo Nanseolheon

It’s always such a struggle to remember this woman’s name. Her brother’s name is Heo Gyun. Nice and simple. Her real name is shorter, but she chose a pen name longer than the usual Korean name. I think I should have trimmed off a bit more on the left when framing. Well, next time.

Moth on Paper Door

This is the only photo where I fixed the exposure a little bit afterwards. I noticed this moth sitting on the door and, fearing it would fly away before I could set up my tripod, set the camera’s exposure to automatic and made a few photos. The bright white paper fooled the camera’s meter and the picture came out slightly underexposed. The moth didn’t budge, so it might be dead. 😦

Clay Pots and Traditional Wall

I’ve photographed this scene before, but the composition of the pots turned out well today. There are about twenty pots or so near this wall, but I excluded most of them to keep the photograph simple.
   I might go to Seoul for a few days when the semester is finished, and I’m definitely going to buy a polarising filter. It would have been useful for this photo and the statue photo above.

Walls and Roofs

I never noticed this composition before, even though I’ve stood in this spot many times. I like the photo, but I think I can do better if I go back again. The right part of the photo is a bit weak.

Paper and Wooden Doors

Again, I’ve photographed this door dozens of times, but I think this might be the best version yet. I included a lot more of the wooden door on the right than I usually do. I’m going to print this one for sure.

Military Post, Gangmun

It’s just a short walk from the Heo Estate to the river mouth at Gangmun. I made a few photos, but I was running out of inspiration by this point. This is another thing I’ve looked at photographed a lot but never so well. My favourite part of this photo is the little wave of sand in the bottom right. I don’t think the photo would work without it.
   This photo was a little bit flat as is, so I took the time to adjust highlights and shadows in the camera menu. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out as a print.

8 thoughts on “Rice Field, Heo Estate, and Gangmun

  1. I like the first shot Marcus – super composition and you caught the bicycle man perfectly. I also like how you think (&write) about composition and the things you like/don’t like about your shots.


  2. Thank you very much. I'm having a bit of a slump these days. I went to the fields shown in the first photograph this morning, but . . . nothing. Time to take up cross-stitch or something.


  3. I find I’m either in the mood for taking photographs or I’m not. But sometimes I need to force myself and the results can be just as good. Other times I delve into the Archives and there’s always something there to be discovered. So forget the cross-stitching Marcus 🙂


  4. Thanks. Cross-stitching is bad for the eyes anyway. I went to a Confucian school (used as a family shrine now) yesterday and made a couple of decent photos. Well, they looked good yesterday. They might all be deleted by next week.


  5. That first one up there is a great composition for sure! It got all the right bits in just about the perfect places. It’s probably breaking a few “rules” of composition, but it works very well seen through my eyes for sure.
    Great compositions through all of them mate, but that first one, and that perfect lovely grid with the moth sitting in there are very high up there for sure!


      1. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or if there’s something weird on your blog, but I can not comment on the later posts. Maybe you got enough of it and closed for comments at some point?


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