I haven’t written or posted anything in over a month now. It’s another case of “No one is reading, so why bother?” That’s the question I want to mull over in this post. Should I write a blog for an audience of one?
While I consider some reasons to continue or not continue writing on this website, I will share some photos from the month of June. It’s just a random collection as I haven’t been out with the camera much because of the hot weather.

An old building in downtown Gangneung. A rare instance of a building with a colour exterior that isn’t advertising. 
This building is across the street from the colour tile building. It was once part of Gangneung City’s government complex and is called “The Pavilion of Seven Works”.  The seven works carried out were citizen registration, agriculture, military , education, taxation, legal court, and public morals/customs. It’s not a large building, so I imagine there were just a few civil servants in there run right off their feet. These days the grounds are open to the public and the building is used for the Dano Festival.
A model of a government building guard. The building behind him is a recent reconstruction.

I am not good at promoting myself. I even regularly forget or don’t bother to add tags to each post. I’m not sure how easily search engines can find this website without them. I rarely advertise new posts on Facebook because some co-workers and students are on my friends list. I don’t think I post anything offensive here, but I work at a Catholic university and who knows what might prompt a complaint against me.

Farm Buildings. There is a normally a cow living in the building on the right, but I didn’t see it on the day I was in the neighbourhood. Maybe it was sleeping.

If I can’t be arsed to advertise myself to the world then it’s my own fault if I have very few readers. So, if I’m not writing for an audience, why should I carry on writing?

Sandy’s Sandwich. The windscreen has stickers advertising steamed dumplings, and I suspect someone imported a food truck from the States and had a go at selling Korean food in it. The truck now sits in the countryside falling apart, so I guess that didn’t go so well.

One reason to write here is to improve my writing. Not just words and sentences, but coherent essays. I’ve been living in Korea for a long time and I haven’t needed to use much more English than what I use in the EFL classroom with low and intermediate level students. The truck in the photo above is a pretty good metaphor for the advanced English part of my brain. I would like to write short articles on things I photograph, but the gears grind badly in my mind.

Another metaphor for my brain? Old televisions up against a dyke. I can’t explain this.

Another reason to write without concern for an audience is to motivate myself to make more photos and to photograph a subject in more detail with a blog story in mind. Maybe no one will see the photo essay , but it focuses my mind and helps me see a subject from more than one perspective.

Sometimes I want to live like this lucky bastard

The third reason to continue writing here has to do with photo editing. Photos that look fine to me on my computer can suddenly reveal their faults when I consider showing them to the world. So posting photos on a blog is helpful in weeding out weak photos.

I made this photo two weeks ago. Yesterday the scooter was in the same spot. Abandoned? The man riding bicycle in the background was a nice bit of luck.
Another scooter on the same day.

Writing about whether or not to continue posting on Blogspot has helped to clear my mind a bit. I think I will continue to write here, but probably I should be more focused. Many of my posts are a bit random and general. “A walk downtown”, “Geumsan Village”, and so on. Perhaps future posts should be something like “Downtown Gangneung’s Pedestrian Bridges” or “Rice Farms in Geumsan Village”. Would it be helpful to think of each blog post as a mini-exhibition with explanations?
In conclusion, I think I will start writing here again, even if it’s just for myself. If I focus on specific subjects and refrain from posting random collections of photos then I’ll be helping my photography and my writing. And maybe even attract a few readers.

Having said that, here are a few more or less random photos of Geumsan Village, the last photos I made in June of 2019. 🙂

Delivery truck parked underneath an expressway overpass.
Hot weather means I am riding my electric bicycle these days.
First in a possible series? The Rice Fields of Geumsan Village.

Thank you for reading.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Carrying on with the Blog

  1. Blogs are a bit out of favour I think, Marcus. Old-fashioned, even. Nowadays it’s all Instagram and Flickr from what I see. I remember reading years ago you blog for yourself, primarily. Not true for everyone but you really have to go at it to build followers and then does it become the tail wagging the dog? I decided a while ago not to care if and when someone stops by my blog (although I enjoy comments when they come). I don’t want to put the time into growing readers – I’d rather be taking photographs or printing or doing something else. I like occasionally looking back and seeing how much my photography and printing has improved over the years. It’s just an online diary for me.I hope you do continue with your blog Marcus – I don’t stop by as often as I would like but I always enjoy your words and your photographs.


  2. Hi MarcusI guess I could consider myself in the same position as you. I don’t really have any readers that I’m aware of. But I really do post the photos for myself. It’s a diary, really. I rarely go anywhere for the specific purpose of taking photos. Rather, I like to document the places I go and the things I do. And even though I make prints of many of my photos and put them in albums, I very often go through the photos on my website, which go back nearly six years now. I have some nice memories of days out. Also sometimes people ask me ‘Ah, what happened to those photos you took of us at XXXXXX?” and I can point them to the web page. I also tend to add info about different films and developing info, and this is useful for me to look back at.I don’t know if any of this chimes for you particularly. But I do hope you keep going. I always tend to take a look and read what you have written, but I admit I’m never much of a commenter on the web, or in real life come to that. I struggle a bit with words.


  3. Thanks Gerald. I often check your website for updates, but I didn't realise that you were also looking at mine.I seem to be coming out of my photographic slump a bit, so maybe that will lead to more writing about photos here.


  4. I see you have been writing quite a few posts since this one, so I assume I’m a bit late on the comments and all that. I apologize for that, of course, but I thought I would say a few words about it, as I’m in the very same situation myself at times. Not that I bother about how many people are reading whatever little I have to show or say, but it’s more like weighing the blogging up against what I have time for and not.
    Just like you, my primary reason for writing my blog is to keep my written English language a bit up-dated. English is not my first language as you know, and it needs practice to keep it at a certain level. I’m getting older, and learning new stuff is not as easy as it used to be, but hopefully I can at least keep it at a level which is understandable for most people out there.
    Further I like to throw in a few snaps as you know, and since film is my go-to medium I decided to circle around that theme.
    At the end of the day I like to write on the blog when I got the time and when I feel I got something to say about something, and else leave it be. I’m not after the masses, because if we are going down that path I think blogging (for me anyway) would be something I would need to do a very lot more of to keep the readers attention at all times.
    I really like your little blog from the other side of the world, and even though I’m not known to be a great motivator or anything I’m at least going to say that you got one of the few photo blogs in a good english language with authentic stories from a part of the world I got no connection with other than through your words.
    It’s interesting to see what you write and also to have the photos to look at while reading.
    I am of course looking forward to read further on through your blog, since it’s a long time since I left it alone for a while. That’s another good thing about keep on writing though… that it will always be here if someone should stumble over it and find it worth reading through from one end to the other. A diary is a good way to look at it, just as Michael and Gerald above is saying.


    1. Thank you for the encouraging words. I’ve obviously kept on with the blog and website since I posted this, but I’m still not satisfied with my writing style. And, as always, I feel like I have nothing interesting to say about the photographs I post.


  5. Well… seen from the outside I just have to say there’s plenty of interesting things to read about them 🙂
    I often think the same, but then I just have to think that others might look differently at it. After all I am the one experiencing this all the time and it’s nothing special for me. Others might have never seen anything like it, and may be curious.
    Anyway, I like to read your words from South Korea as it’s a completely different world for me and something I have never experienced myself, and maybe never even will. At least now I know something about the place 🙂


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