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I slept better my second night in the hotel. Maybe because I was used to the room. I don’t remember what time I got up, but I was out and about before eight o’clock.
I only planned originally to visit the Seoul Arts Centre south of the river before eating lunch and then getting a bus back to Gangngeung. But I noticed on a map that very close to the hotel was Jongmyo, the Confucian shrine dedicated to the kings and queens of Korea. I thought that might be interesting to have a look at while waiting for the Arts Centre to open so I made my way over.

This is obviously a very busy Chinese restaurant. Eleven scooters for deliveries! Or maybe this is a normal number in a big city?
This is one of the walls that encloses Jongmyo.
A little further along the wall. This is a moto-chariot traditionally used by kings and queens when going into battle. Maybe . . . .
Hanging in front of a shop shutter were two onion bags of drying fish heads. I guess fish head soup is on the menu.Β 
The front gate to Jongmyo. This is all you’ll get to see of the huge grounds because you can only go in as part of a guided tour. Individuals can go in on some Saturdays.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t photograph the royal shrine, but I thought I would go to the Arts Centre early and make some photos of the building. In a taxi and off I went.
I thought the Arts Centre would open at ten o’clock like most other places, but it turns out opening time is eleven o’clock. so I had two hours to kill . . .

Vending machines in front of the Opera Hall.
More vending machines.

I thought I could do a little collection of the vending machines around the Arts Centre, but it turned out there were only two places with the machines. I did find some food caravans, though.

Not open. So hungry . . . . but not hungry enough to eat octopus balls.
I had a look around for something else of interest.
What’s this?
Getting closer . . .
Ahhhhh! Too close! And that’s not his hand on his bottom.

I was a little overheated from all the nude art, so I went into the basement to find a convenience store.

Convenience store in the Seoul Arts Centre

The convenience store in the Arts Centre has a wine section and listening stations where you can hear classical music, opera, and jazz while having a coffee or whatever. The convenience store near my apartment has a place to eat cup noodles . . . .

On the left, Greek Treasures Exhibition. On the right, a Bernard Buffet exhibtiion.
Another banner advertising the Buffet exhibition.

I still had lots of time before the exhibits opened, so I decided to make a few photos of the architecture.

Opera House
Trees with Opera House entrance in the background.
Judging by the posters around this stage, this is where childrens’ shows are held. Oh no, it isn’t. Oh yes, it is!
View from the top of a staircase.
Photography is thirsty work, so I got a drink from one of the vending machines.

When it got close to 11:00 I went into the exhibition hall to buy a ticket. Not cheap! But it was worth the price. There were pots, amphorae, statues, and so on from ancient Greece to the time of Alexander. Especially impressive were the works of art from the Minoan civilisation, which seemed to be ahead of its time in technique and beauty.
I didn’t make any photos inside the exhibition. Partly because I wanted to concentrate on the art and not on my camera. And partly because there were lots of serious-looking young women watching visitors. These docent (I guess they are called) were more security guards than guides. I heard them warn curious fingers several times not to touch anything. Yikes. I did make a couple photos of statues near the ticket office.

Javelin athlete?Β 
I can’t remember who this is supposed to be.

The exhibition was great, though there were very few artefacts from Alexander’s time. Oh well, it was worth the price of admission just to see the Minoan stuff.
I took a taxi to the express bus terminal and ate a sad and not at all cheap pork cutlet at a restaurant there. I bought a ticket for Gangneung and at 1:00 I was on my way home.
Overall I had a very good trip. I wish I had made more and better photographs, but the humidity really does on in. Perhaps next winter I’ll make another trip to Seoul to visit some more museums and galleries and spend a lot more time doing careful photography.
I hope you enjoyed my poor journal of this summer’s trip to Seoul. At least you got to see a side of Korea not featured in K-Pop videos.

6 thoughts on “Summer Trip to Seoul, Part 3

  1. I've never seen the restaurant that has so many scooters kkkk. And i think it's not true (maybe,,) in that time Kings and queens lived, there are no moto-sccoters. But it's very similar just horse carrier (or i am not sure it is true but it would be probably :)I was glad to see your alll of travl-diary. It made me i am in Seoul now. It was very interesting πŸ™‚ and your photography is perfect. I like your photos and They are really funny and have a lot of meaning. Thank you for showing your trip and i hope your next trip will be more great πŸ˜€


  2. The \”javelin athlet\” is either Zeus or Poseidon, throwing either a lightning or a trident – I suppose.The picture below shows the famous charioteer of Delphi. You can see the ruins of a temple of Delphi in the background.


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