Water Dish + Cat Arse = Art

Except for two out of focus photos of my students, this was the only picture on a roll of HP5+ worth keeping. My FM3a was new and I was eager to test it out. This was the first photo I made on the roll. Sometime later I went for a walk in bright light along a boring road and wasted some good film. My apologies to all involved in the film manufacturing, developing, and scanning processes.

5 thoughts on “Black and White Cat Arse

  1. So, you have really invested in the great FM3a, have you? It’s supposed to be a very good and lovely camera for sure, but I don’t really know. I have never even touched one of them yet. It might never happen either, for all we know… I really like this one though, and hope there will be more to find later through the blog


    1. It’s a great camera, one of those that have no faults. Except that I’m left-eyed and the film advance lever sticks into my face. The lever has to be out for the camera to work. So I guess that’s one fault.


      1. That’s true enough, and there’s a few more of them nikons having the same issue. I have written a few words about that very thing some time ago now over at my space when putting together some not very well thought through words about the Nikon FM2. It annoys even me a little bit, and I’m not even left eyed.


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