The Student Experience

I always seem to notice this statue more during exam periods. Perhaps because the facial expressions match those of the students walking past it.
I wonder if these three figures are so glum because student life is difficult, or because the pleasant little wooded path behind them (not in the photo) is congested with smokers like every other rest area at the university, or because the Arts College was chopped several years ago along with the College of Humanities. Poor little stone orphans . . . . .
For those of you who are interested, this photo was made using my Fujifilm X-T3 and I set the film simulation to Classic Chrome. I brightened it slightly using a tone curve and then levelled it, because my head seems to be set not quite straight on my head. 150th sec at f13, ISO 320. The lens was the very short and portable Fujinon F2.8 27mm pancake lens. Great for walkabouts.

Cat and Chesterfield

I received some encouraging comments and an email about carrying on with posting photos here. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write. I went to Seoul for a few days and enjoyed using a few rolls of film as well as getting my X-T3 fixed. This morning I went downtown and made a few photos while waiting for the post office to open. I made a few that might be keepers, so perhaps I am coming out of my slump.
The photos I made in Seoul and the pictures I took this morning will appear here later, but, in the meantime, here are a couple photos of my cat. Meow.

Amice lying on the arm of the living room chesterfield. You can see he marked his territory by scratching up the back rest. We bought a cheap chesterfield because we knew this would happen . . . .
A dog is a man’s best friend. My wife is Amice’s best friend. Whenever she lies down, he appears and demands to have space made for him to snuggle up.

I sent my film from the Seoul trip off to the lab this morning. I should probably get the scans tomorrow and the negatives the day after that. I’m looking forward to seeing how badly I screwed them up. I hope the FM3a made up for my deficiencies . . . .