From the Archive: Horse on Gyeongpo Beach

Horse on Beach, Gyeongpo, Gangneung, 2011

I am still slowly going through my binders of film and having photos of significance scanned at a lab. Significant photos are those that bring back memories, are interesting or funny in some way, or artistic. This photo is somewhat artistic but technically flawed because while the footprint in the foreground is on focus, the horse’s legs are a bit out of focus. It doesn’t look too bad if you step back and screw up your eyes a bit. I scanned this because it strikes me as being slightly funny, though I can’t explain why. Anyway, I like looking at it and that’s enough. It ‘sparks joy’, as Marie Kondo says.

Jukheon Reservoir Tomb Site

Tomb Site at Jukheon Reservoir, 2019
The Space Between Tombs, Jukheon Reservoir, 2019

Inscriptions at tomb sites are often written in Chinese characters, so it’s difficult for me to find out who is buried under the mounds of earth. Whoever they were, they must have belonged to a well-off family with the money to buy a large piece of land and have stelae, statues, and tombs made.
These photographs were made in May, when there wasn’t much rain to make the land green. The grass probably grew a lot during the rainy season (I haven’t been there since I made these photos) and the site will get groomed in September in preparation for the harvest festival when Koreans perform rites to honour their ancestors. But not all Koreans. Protestants are forbidden from performing ancestral rites because it’s considered worshipping gods/spirits other than God/Jesus/Holy Ghost.
There are quite a few tomb sites around the reservoir, but none as large, as impressive, and as secluded as this one. Most are within sight of houses and, although I’m not walking on graves or anything, I’m not sure how people would feel about me looking around and making photos.

What’s the plan?

On Blogspot I posted photographs with a little write-up on a semi-regular basis. Blogspot is, not surprisingly, only for blogs, so I made a Flickr account to set up photo albums. Although I frequently checked my blog, I usually forgot that I have a Flickr account and eventually stopped updating the albums there. So, I thought, wouldn’t it be good to have my blog and my online albums in the same place? At an address that I can easily share. And so I registered to keep all my photo sharing in one place. On the blog I will post photos that I think might interest others without worrying too much about artistic merit. (“Cat Yawning on Chesterfield, 2019.”). In the galleries I will upload photos that I think might look good on a wall, in a book, or in an online slideshow.
But I might not just use this website to share my photos. From time to time I might write little essays about whatever has been on my mind recently. Things like teaching, living in Korea as a minority, something I saw online, or whatever. I’ll try not to rant and roar. If I’m feeling very brave I’ll post a poem or a story now and then.
So, that’s the tentative plan for this website. I want to fill it with content that people might want to see, but I’ll go at it slow and steady. Lots of proofreading and careful consideration before adding anything to the site. If you’re interested in following, you can click the subscribe button on the Home page. I also appreciate reader comments. Just enter them in the space below.