Seongyojang was once the largest non-royal residence in Korea, having 99 kan worth of building space. A kan is the length of space between two pillars and no residences not owned by the royal family could be 100 or more kan in size. The family that owns Seongyojang was once quite rich and influential, but now they have opened most of the grounds to the public (big government tax cuts for doing this) for a fee and live in a small courtyard near the back. I was there one day and made these photos of the gate to the family residence. 

The top photo was made on Ilford XP2 Super film and the bottom photo was made on Kodak E100G slide film. The camera was a Contax 645.
   I had a good print of the black and white film and I really liked it. It was on my office wall for quite a while. After that it was in an album out of sight for a long time, but it remained in my mind as one of my better photographs. The composition, the luck of finding snow on the roof, and so on. But, looking at the photos now, I’m less happy with them. I probably should have included more at the bottom of the frame. I think I cut it off because there was an ugly No Entry sign there. I guess I could go back and make the photo again, but it’s expensive to enter now and who knows when the snow will look like that again? Still, it’s been nine years since I made those photos and maybe I can do a better job even without the snow.

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