There are no high places in Wanggok Village where I could get up and make a wide photo of the village as a whole. What’s more, most of the houses are surrounded by walls, which means mostly I could just get peeks and rooves. Here are a few of the acceptable photos I made that day.

Unlike more southern houses which have lots of paper doors and windows, northern houses have more wooden doors, smaller windows, and thicker walls to keep out the cold. Wanggok Village is about halfway up the Korean peninsula and it’s where the northern style of housing begins.

The tiles in the foreground belong to the outer wall and the rooves inside belong to the house. The thatched roof building is a shed of some sort, if I remember correctly.

The house is on the right and on the left is a thatched wall. In the centre is a chimney made of stone, clay mortar, and a clay pot for the top. I’ve never seen that anywhere else and it’s quite interesting.

Awwww, look at the puppy dog . . . . on a short chain, sadly. Most dogs here are on very short chains or in cages.

I would really like to go back to this village and make more photos, but it’s difficult to get to if you don’t have a private vehicle. There’s bus service, but very infrequent. Also, not too long ago I saw Wanggok Village featured in one of those television shows where they send TV celebrities/K-Pop stars/washed up actors to places around Korea to gush about places they would probably never visit on their own. That means the place was probably overrun by tourists right after the broadcast. And that usually means the local government spent money on making the place more tourist friendly. Which usually means ruining it. But maybe I’m wrong and the place retains its charm. When the weather cools down I must try to find a way to get there and make some photographs.

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