On Blogspot I posted photographs with a little write-up on a semi-regular basis. Blogspot is, not surprisingly, only for blogs, so I made a Flickr account to set up photo albums. Although I frequently checked my blog, I usually forgot that I have a Flickr account and eventually stopped updating the albums there. So, I thought, wouldn’t it be good to have my blog and my online albums in the same place? At an address that I can easily share. And so I registered marcuspeddle.net to keep all my photo sharing in one place. On the blog I will post photos that I think might interest others without worrying too much about artistic merit. (“Cat Yawning on Chesterfield, 2019.”). In the galleries I will upload photos that I think might look good on a wall, in a book, or in an online slideshow.
But I might not just use this website to share my photos. From time to time I might write little essays about whatever has been on my mind recently. Things like teaching, living in Korea as a minority, something I saw online, or whatever. I’ll try not to rant and roar. If I’m feeling very brave I’ll post a poem or a story now and then.
So, that’s the tentative plan for this website. I want to fill it with content that people might want to see, but I’ll go at it slow and steady. Lots of proofreading and careful consideration before adding anything to the site. If you’re interested in following, you can click the subscribe button on the Home page. I also appreciate reader comments. Just enter them in the space below.


14 thoughts on “What’s the plan?

  1. Morning Marcus – well if you can see this I can reply – that was getting VERY annoying with Blogger. Good luck and I am looking forward to more insights into a world a long long way away!


  2. Hello, I’m here!

    Blogger is so 2003. It’s pretty clunky and often horrible looking as well. And who knows how long it will continue to be supported? So you’ve made a good move I would say.

    Actually, in the short time since I’ve been following you, the number one question I’ve wanted to know is what your story is. Clearly, you’re not ethnically Korean, so if you do write about that I for one would be very interested,


    1. I suppose it’s possible Blogspot could go the way of Google Plus. I hope not, because I follow a number of excellent blogs there.
      I never thought about sharing the history of my life in Korea on a website, but since I’m hoping to use the website for more than photography it could be a good thing to write about. I could describe my motivation for coming here and why I stayed. Thanks for the idea.


    1. Thanks, Michael. I’ve chosen a very basic theme until I can figure out what I’m doing. I’ll probably stick to a basic theme, actually. I’m not that fond of websites with lots of fancy slides and swooshes.


  3. Go 4 it !!! Love it ! totally agree with your ideas to have your blog and your online albums in the same place !
    I’m gonna keep my eyes on here πŸ™‚


  4. Think I found this via your 2E game on Unseen Servant πŸ™‚ – and Happy Birthday I think. πŸ˜€
    Either way your pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing!


      1. Yep, Unseen Servant is still rocking. πŸ™‚ I play mostly 1E but a bunch of 2E games have cropped up since yours ended. Good stuff. It’s fun, I only play in the slow games, 1 or 2 posts a week, it’s all my schedule can handle unfortunately. Be well Marcus!!


  5. There’s a bunch of 5E games there too. πŸ™‚ You should definitely check it out, it’s the pacing of PbP games that keeps me playing.
    Be well Marcus!


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